Filler injection for Face and Lips in Orchid Clinic Sharjah UAE

What is Filler injection?

Filler is a non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia, and the Filler process takes about a quarter of an hour to half an hour to fill the subcutaneous spaces caused by wrinkles and signs of aging, giving the face a youthful look. Filler technique is used in many materials, including natural fatty cells or collagen, such as industrial hyaluronic acid or industrial polymer.

filler injection for face and lips sharjah

Uses of Filler Injection?

Filler injection for the face

Fillers for Facial areas, such as cheeks are injected with fillers to get the look of a toned face free of wrinkles, often needed by women and men, especially after weight loss which might cause sagging of the skin layers and creating lines around the facial features.

lips filler face fillers sharjah orchid

Filler injection of lips

The Filler is injected into the lips to inflate and enlarge them in a professional manner that allows the patient to choose the appropriate shape and size, to obtain an even and full lips appearance. Filler treats lips that are thin or uneven. This is a painless procedure and it could be done quickly in just half an hour.

lips filler

Filler injection around the mouth

As a result of weather factors, age and weight loss and many other reasons, lines around the mouth extending from nose to the bottom of the cheeks starts to appeare, At Orchid Medical Center we have the solution using fillers that are specially desined for the perioral area, Our plastic surgeon inject the Filler to the area around the mouth to fill the drop in the area and raise and tighten the skin under the lines to remove the wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

mouth line face fillers sharjah dubai orchid

Filler injection around the eye

The area around the eyes are characterized by a relatively thin and sensitive skin that makes it wrinkle prone, that could be formed because of weather factors or aging. Filler is injected under the skin in areas under the eyes to remove these lines and wrinkles, and to brighten the darkness under the eyes as well.


filler below eyes face derma filler sharjah orchid