Hollywood Smile (VENEERS) from Orchid Medical Center

Hollywood Smile

The dental clinic in our center is characterized by the highest quality standards when it comes to the materials and treatments offered to our patients. We are distinguished by our Arabic medical staff with long experience in the field of dentistry to provide our patients with a healthy beautiful smile with minimal costs.

Hollywood Smile Characteristics

Hollywood smile is thin layer of scales placed over the teeth and manufactured specially for each individual, and it is called Hollywood smile because of its cosmetic role that matches the celebrities smile.

Hollywood smile is characterized by:

Improve the shape of the teeth

Increase the brightness of the teeth permanentlya

Protect the teeth from external factors

Thus, improving the overall look of the person

These scales can change the color, shape, size and even the length of the teeth, corresponding to the shape of the jaw and mouth of the patient.

Our Hollywood Smile at Orchid Medical Center is characterized by using the best original quality of materials with a guarantee of 10 years.


Teeth VENEERS or sometimes called contact lenses for teeth, it is considered a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of teeth used to get a beautiful attractive looking smile. Cosmetic veneer made of E-MAX porcelian in specialized laboratories, the materials and shape vary from person to person and then they are glued to the surface of each tooth to treat some dental problems related to dental beauty.

Hollywood Smile Results

The installation of Hollywood smile depends on the number of teeth to be covered, the laboratory work takes about a week then the patient gets the scales installed when we receive them. The final results of the Hollywood smile make a big difference in terms of covering fractions, uneven teeth shapes and the patient can also choose the white shade he or she likes.

Before Hollywood Smile

After Hollywood Smile