Invisalign Orthodontic at Orchid Medical Center

What is Invisalign?

Is a mobile transparent orthodontic devices used to move teeth in small distances with patients who need orthodontic treatment, It is a series of active trays made of acrylic material (plastic) is transparent to prove on the patient's teeth for a week of time to be replaced after The end of each week; where the teeth are moved simply to a better position than before to become teeth in the desired situation.

Features of Invisalign

It is transparent and is comfortable in use and does not cause any gum sensitivity because of the metal or other, and it is movable where it can be removed during food and drink and brushing teeth and then easily installed, is changed every weeks with the need to visit the dentist every six weeks for follow-up. And was made primarily of plastic and was designed with high precision as the doctor is taking the dimensions of the teeth to fit accurately.

The difference between Invisalign and traditional Orthodontic Devices

 Shape: Metal form of wire and brackets, but Invisalign is plastic is not noticeable so it is preferred by all people.

 Duration: The treatment period for invisalign is shorter and the doctor is much less likely to go to the doctor than the traditional one

METHOD: traditional braces is a fixed device that cannot be removed to be cleaned . Invisalign is removable. It can be removed at any time and it is preferred to be relaxed during eating or hot drinks.

What makes invisalign special?

 Invisalign is the latest technique in the world of orthodontics, where it evaluates and restores the position and direction of teeth and repair all imbalances from all aspects of teeth because unlike the normal orthodontics it is invisible and to be worn and removed easily to maintain the appearance of mouth and smile during treatment.

 Invisalign provides the latest technology in the field of orthodontics digitally and enables the patient to see the method of treatment and the future of the situation in advance through 3D videos of his condition.

 The Orchid Medical Center in Sharjah is one of the certified centers in Invisalign, Sharjah and UAE. Orchid Medical Center in Sharjah provides orthodontic treatment with the best quality and provides the patient with the service of sending his case to the experts in Invisalign and the Delivery of the aligners for the patient and the best price and highest quality with warranty.