Welcome to Orchid Medical Center in Sharjah

As a Member of Orchid Medical Group, Our Center provides you with one place to cover all you need of Healthcare, Smile, and Beauty.

Orchid Medical Center is covered with the highest techonlogies of Machines and Equipments to deliver the highest quality of service, Offering a range of the best medical team in UAE to cover our treatments and cosmetic treatments.

Orchid Medical Center Clinics in Sharjah

Orchid Medical Center in Sharjah has the following clinics to serve our patients in a V.I.P Level:

General practitioner Clinic, Dental Clinic, Laser & Dermatology Clinic, Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dietition Clinic.

With an aim to expand to cover more fields in Medical Services.

Dermatology Clinic

Orchid Dermatology clinic in Sharjah offers the best Dermatologists in UAE and latest technologies in Dermatology treatments.

Our aim is to be the No1 Center in Derma Care, by providing our patients with the best experience in Dermatology treatments, following the results.

Dental Clinic

Orchid Dental Clinic in Sharjah, With the latest machines and our Experienced dentists we do provide you with all kind of Dental treatments.

Along with your smile beauty, providing Hollywood Smile from the best original Veneers with a 10 Years Guarantee!

Laser Clinic

Orchid Laser Clinic in Sharjah, offers you a range of the latest laser technologies to serve your beauty and health.

Laser hair removal is one of our success keys, by reaching the best results in less sessions comparing to other clinics in UAE.

Nutrition and Slimming Clinic

Joining Machines of the latest technology in Body Contouring, with our Experienced Dietician we do provide our patients with their goal acheivement.

Guaranteed Weightloss Packages along with Body shaping by our Machines with your commitment to our diet program which will be customized specially for you.

Plastic Surgery Clinic

Plastic Surgery clinic of orchid medical center in sharjah, offers the highest experience of Europens Plastic surgeons in UAE, Offering a huge range of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeries at the highest rate of quality and results oriented.


Dietition and Slimming Clinic

GP Clinic

Orchid Medical Center General Practition clinic offers you a hig end checkup and all labs tests kinds.

Surving Family health daily!