Carbon Laser Peeling at Orchid Medical Center Sharjah UAE

What is Carbon Peeling?

Skin peeling with carbon laser is one of the latest techniques for peeling the dead skin layer which helps to make the skin more bright and radient, it also help to tighten the pores in the face by stimulating collagen synthesis.

The benefits of Carbon Peeling

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Carbon Peeling

- Brighten the skin and restore its freshness

- Treat the acne scars

- lighten hyperpigmentation on the skin

- Peel the dead skin layer of the skin

- lighten knees and elbows, hands and face

- Treat burn scars

How does Carbon Peeling works?

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How does Carbon Peeling works?

The Carbon Peeling technology is based on applying a carbon cream on the area to be treated for half an hour then we pass the long-wave laser beam on the skin causing the carbon particles ti heat up and spread in the skin. Then the second step will be done by passing the short-wave laser beam on the skin to finalize the peeling process.

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