Facelifting with threads

Facelift with threads

Facelift with threads is a non-surgical alternative to traditional face lift. It is a perfect option for people who has a little sagging in the skin of the face or jaws, and does not prefer the surgical intervention for tightening the skin.

Benefits and advantages of facelift with threads

Tightening of the face helps to reduce the appearance of loose skin in the face and neck, it also helps to tighten the double chin without surgery and the patient will be able to see immediate results.

In addition to the face lifting benefit, At Orchid Medical Center we use special threads that the body will absorb to stimulate collagen for a younger looking face.

face-lift with threads procedure

 The procedure of face lift with threads takes about one to two hours. The doctor inserts thin threads of special type into the areas to be tightened through small incisions that are opened in specific areas of the skin. The threads are then pulled out with a specific technique to tighten the skin and the patient will get a soft and tight youthful skin immediately without the effects and scars left by the traditional face lift surgery.